About us.

Bespoke Hotels is a mid-size, independent hotel management company. We own a small number of hotels and partner with an ever-increasing number. Every agreement we have is Bespoke by name, and bespoke by nature.

The group was founded in 2000, by Haydn Fentum and Robin Sheppard and has consistently grown to the point where we now manage over 9,500 hotel rooms, 8,000 employees and £815 million of assets.

Even as the credit crunch led to a 20% downturn in hotel trading, the Bespoke Hotel Group thrived, with owners recognising our ability to optimise performance, purchasing and marketing.

As global real estate consultants Cushman & Wakefield report: ‘it's more valuable for hotel owners to work with the right brand of operator, than to get concessions in the operating agreement’.

Past case studies and recent coverage.